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Alan Horne

I see you found me

Hi, I'm Alan, a designer from Glasgow Scotland who has a love for perfect pixel placement and creating online and mobile products.

I'm one of those people who is blessed to be doing what I love, but when I'm not designing in front of a computer, I like to get out and about playing, football, golf and travelling with my wife Kerry. I'm also taking part in Tough Mudder this August for charity.

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  • Designing Websites and Interfaces

    It’s my job to help you visualise your brand and product on all platforms. Whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile, the end product must look great and be easy for your clients to use and navigate through.

    With a love of all things design, over 6 years experience in the design industry, and having worked with brands of all sizes, I bring this knowledge, experience and passion to your product.

    Let’s work together to create something great.

    How it all works

    How my process works, Plan, Design, Develop and then Launch

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