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New Portfolio Launch

Today I welcome you to the launch of my new portfolio v3. The website has been a while in the making, but after a super power session of coding on Sunday I got my way through everything and have the finished article ready to launch.

My old portfolio would have been 2 years old in March and I felt that it needed a little refresh with some areas needing work.

What’s New?

Well, firstly I have moved my whole portfolio on to WordPress now, previously I had only my blog on WordPress on both versions 1 and 2 of the portfolio. Why the change you ask? Well I mainly wanted somewhere that I can quickly update and maintain my website, be it to add a new blog post or to make a change to the copy on the website, instead of having to dive into the code and add something.

The portfolio is now responsive to your device, so go check it out on your mobile phone or tablet, hopefully you will be happy with what you see.

I have added more to the website now, there is now individual pages for my Portfolio and Contact form, the main reasons behind this change was to let me flesh out my portfolio items a little more. There isn’t much content on them yet, but I’m still going over methods to display a little more content on that section soon.

Finally, I have included a little easter egg on the website, nothing too hard to find, but I wanted to add something a little cool to the website, let me know if you found it.

I have only checked the most recent browsers, so those on Internet Explorer 8 or less, may experience something a little different from the rest.

What’s coming?

I will be tweaking everything as I go, as I look to put more time into my portfolio instead of kind of leaving it to gather dust before another re-design. I’m going to be blogging a lot more (I say this everytime, but I promise it’s true this time), I have a pile of PSD files sitting here, some I’ll give away on the blog and others, well they are for what’s next…

I’m also going to unveil a new shop section on the portfolio soon, this will include lots of different things, be it digital downloads and other little things (it’s a secret for now, sorry). I have also been working hard (those who follow me on Twitter will know) on Pixelburst with Kerry Moran, and we hope to launch out first theme Bloqued, very shortly.

Retina support is in the works too, I had looked at using retina.js, but I have since been told that JS delivery of retina images isn’t ideal for users, so I’m looking into the best method of delivering this before rolling it out. All that being said, the vasy majority of the website is mainly HTML/CSS so hopefully those on retina devices will get a lot of joy on the website.

And finally…

I hope you all like the new design, but I always realise there is room for improvement, so feel free to let me know of any suggestions for change you would like to see, just hit me up on Twitter, or leave me a comment on here, I don’t bite.

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  1. Looks great Alan, some really nice responsive features too!

  2. Thanks Phil.

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