Submit your websites to galleries to generate more traffic

Submit your websites to galleries to increase traffic

Recently when I noticed that a website I blogged on(The Inspiration Blog) had got featured on the Blog Design Heroes homepage, I had a little look around the website, and decided to submit this blog as it was my first WordPress blog.

After a few days and still no word from the Blog Design Heroes website, I just assumed that my website hadn’t been successful in its submission and wouldn’t be featuring. How wrong could I have been?

When looking through my analytics for the website and blog I noticed a large amount of traffic coming from The Blog Design Heroes website, so I checked their website and there I was, showing on the homepage. The great thing about this though, was that I managed to be on their front page for well over a week, generating some great traffic to my website/blog.

I had never paid much attention to all these CSS galleries and website showcase’s before, but the number of hits I was getting really made me stand up and take notice. I decided to have a look around all the gallery websites out there and pick out my top 5 to share with you all.

Gallery Buzz

Gallery Buzz Website

Best Web Gallery

Best Web Gallery


Styleboost Website


Creattica Website

Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Heroes Website

I’m not sure how good or worthwhile this traffic may end up becoming, but one thing I do know is that any publicity is good publicity.

Here are some links to far more CSS/Blog gallery websites if you want to submit to as many as you can.

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100 Best Website Galleries to Submit Your Creative Design

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