Moo Cards Giveaway

Moo Business Cards Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of my new portfolio I’m delighted to announce that the great guys over at MOO have got in touch and we have came together for a great little give-away on the website.

What’s the Prize?

The prize is 3 sets of 50 Classic Business Cards, these are great for giving you a little feel of what the guys at MOO can do for you, if you ever need anymore. I have had 2 sets before myself and I will be looking to create another set for my new branding soon.

Who Are MOO?

MOO are an online printing company who specialise in Business Cards, but do also offer things such as stickers, greeting cards and labels too. With their Business Cards you have the ability to create your own or use one of their many great templates.

How to Win

Simply leave a comment below and in a weeks time I will pick 3 lucky winners. If you want some brownie points, feel free to Tweet about the new portfolio design.

Good Luck!

Winners Update!

Congratulations to Matt Willmott, Brian McGloughlin and Mark Asquith who have been selected at random to win the prize.

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  1. Loving the new site Alan. Seeing as I’m going to be getting some of those cards myself very shortly it would be silly not to comment!

    But yeah, great job on the redesign dude :D

  2. Actually looking to get some new cards. Not too happy with the ones I created ages ago. Definitely need something fresh :)

  3. I should use my business cards a bit more than I currently do. Where and when do you give your cards out? Normally I give them to anyone who asks or who I talk to at networking-type events but I know some folks spread them round like confetti. All advice welcome!

    Nice new site btw!

  4. @Clive, I tend to hand them out to friends, family or people I talk to when they ask what I do. I’m hoping to get to a conference at some point in 2013 too, so that should be a good opportunity to hand them out too.

  5. Nice competition Alan! I could do with some new business cards… *wink wink*

  6. Great redesign of the site and an awesome competition also!

  7. Gotta love Moo. They’re the best quality cards I’ve seen in the mass market, and people love them. Whenever people see the logo on my card holder they have a story about Moo. I thought I’d use this comment to tell mine.

    Back in 2007 I started a Tech blog called Bitcolumns ( After a year or so of laying the groundwork, we were ready to attend some of the big UK tech events, and so we were getting the branded apparel and business cards ready to hit the show floors. My co-founder designed us some kick-ass business cards, sent them to me for personalisation, and then I sent them to Moo.

    About a week later, my cards arrived. I was pleased as punch to see them, and instantly took a picture and sent it to my co-founder. After a few minutes I got a reply: “Something doesn’t seem right with those cards. Is that my mobile number?”. I look at the text, and then at the cards, then back at the text. He was right, I had put my name and email address on the card, but had forgotten to edit the mobile number. I felt like such a doofus.

    I was emailing Moo anyway to say how good the service and quality was, and decided to mention how stupid I had been. I thought that they would laugh at it like I did, and then I’d order another set so we had some for the events. It was my mistake, so I should pay the price.

    A few hours later. An email pings in from Moo, and they are glad I love the cards, but feel bad that I got the number wrong. I get a code for a free set of 50 cards, to replace the ones I ordered. I set the numbers right, upload the new designs, and add some of their accessories to my basket to add to my order. Accessories I hadn’t planned to order, but loved the look of, and felt compelled to.

    Since then, I have purchased all my business cards from Moo. I tell this story to anyone doubting purchasing from them, and I’ve converted a few people along the way. I’m happy with the quality and service every time.

  8. Good competition Alan. I think i might be looking to update my business cards soon aswell. Make them stand out a bit more. I put business cards in with the repairs that my customers collect so if they want to recomend me to any friends or family they have my card. I also leave a small bundle on my counter for anyone to pick some up on their way out. Ian

  9. Good on Moo and getting some nice credit for solid work as usual mate.

    Have you got a ticket for the Refresh talks next month?

  10. @Steven, No, I haven’t got a ticket for Refresh, where/when is it?

  11. Oooo if I win I’m gonna donate em to my good lady who’s starting up in business!

  12. Love the Red. Spot on.

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